I went to culinary school and cooked in some of the best restaurants in the country so that you don't have to! 


When I was studying to become a dietitian, I kept thinking there just HAS to be more than this- to reduce food down to just the nutritional components completely stripped food of all of the joy it has to offer.


Shortly after graduating, I moved to Europe with my husband, and it was in Europe that the understanding around food suddenly started to make sense to me. People in Italy would take hours to eat dinner, sitting and enjoying the simple ingredients that come together to create a magical meal. People in Paris sat outside cafes in the middle of the day, savoring pastries baked to perfection, not fearing the calories, but mindfully and slowly enjoying the buttery treat. I was experiencing these cultures that celebrated food and cooking rather than fearing eating and preparing meals- and I was immediately hooked.


When we moved back to the States, I enrolled in culinary school at Johnson and Wales University and worked in high-end restaurants, one of which was voted a Top 50 restaurant in the country by The New York Times. When COVID hit, I began teaching virtual cooking classes and offering private chef services. And as they say, the rest is history…

xx Emily





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