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Healthy Spicy Tuna Bowl

Often tucked into sushi rolls, spicy tuna is a super versatile protein that you can enjoy in many ways! One of my favorites being this healthy spicy tuna bowl with edamame, cucumber and spicy mayo.

Healthy and delicious dinners don’t have to take an hour to prepare! This spicy tuna bowl is a quick and easy healthy dinner.

This spicy tuna bowl is a perfect example of how to pull together a healthy meal in no time! Make your life easier here and use frozen, riced cauliflower. To prepare it, all you need to do is microwave it according to the instructions, and BAM you have a super quick base for this spicy tuna bowl.

The other part of this recipe that makes it quick and easy is the fact that we are using raw tuna- which means- it takes all of zero minutes to cook! Because of this, it is super important that you use sushi grade tuna here.

How do I know if the tuna is sushi grade tuna?

The best way to be sure that the tuna can be eaten raw is to ask the fish monger at the grocery store! Sushi grade tuna can be a bit of a challenge to find, depending on where you live. Many times your best bet will be in a speciality seafood store or Japanese supermarket.

What if I don’t eat seafood? Can I still make this recipe?

Yes! You can make a simple switch to make this completely vegetarian. Simply marinate the cucumbers as you would the tuna, and you will still have a super delish meal.

What other substitutions could I make for this recipe?

The possibilities are endless, really. If you didn’t want to use cauliflower rice, you could swap it for white or brown rice to incorporate more carbs into this meal. Speaking of vegetables, if you wanted to add more veggies into this meal, you could steam some broccoli and add that to the spicy tuna bowl. You could also add avocado, pickled ginger or shredded carrots!

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