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Thank you for our interest in ordering cinnamon rolls! We have sold out for the weekend of October 23- be sure to follow Emily on Instagram @heyemilyann to stay up to date when the next cinnamon roll sale will be!


What's included: 4 jumbo cinnamon rolls, 8 oz of cream cheese buttercream, reheating instructions. 

How it Works:

Purchase your cinnamon rolls no later than Thursday, 10/21 at 10am MST.

Emily will deliver the cinnamon rolls on Saturday, 10/23 between 8:30 and 10am straight to your door.

How to Order:

1. Click the "buy now" button 

2. Select the number of cinnamon roll boxes you would like (there are 4 jumbo cinnamon rolls with 8 oz of cream cheese frosting per box). 

3. Proceed to check out- make sure the shipping address is the address where you would like the cinnamon rolls to be delivered! If there are any special instructions (ie apartment complex instructions) please indicate that in the delivery instructions text box.


I don't live in Denver but my friend does, can I send them a box of cinnamon Rolls?

Absolutely! Just be sure to put their address in the shipping address so they are delivered to the right place!

How long will the cinnamon rolls last?

I would recommend eating the cinnamon rolls within 2 days for optimal freshness! 

How should I store the cinnamon rolls?

If you are not eating them Saturday morning, I would recommend wrapping the cinnamon rolls tightly in plastic wrap and storing them on the counter for up to 2 days. Store the cream cheese buttercream in the refrigerator. 

Food allergy notice

Please be advised that the food prepared in our kitchen may contain these ingredients: dairy, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. We do our best to accommodate and be friendly with those who have allergies however, our kitchen is not exclusive of the ingredients listed above and cross-contamination may occur

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